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WhatsApp Business API to increase your business
growth by 3X

The WhatsApp Business API is a fast, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world. Generate higher and faster sales with WhatsApp Business API.
WhatsApp Business API

Use everyone’s favorite app around the world for creating
a world-class customer experience​

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API Service Provider

Mtalkz is the official partner of WhatsApp API that helps you drive real-time communications and convert on-lookers to customers.  With Mtalkz’s WhatsApp Business API create customer experiences that helps you build a loyal following and encourage people to come back to you again and again. Choose WhatsApp to drive conversations that convert and boost your sales like never before. With over 2 billion worldwide users, WhatsApp is the most popular app for elevating business to next level.

From building funnels to decision-making customers, create more conversions with WhatsApp.

Send Creative Notifications

Generate One-time campaigns that are great for promoting a new product or service or create recurring campaigns for keeping your customers engaged on an ongoing basis.

Create unique messaging campaigns that include photos, videos, PDFs and links and send them to customers. The WhatsApp API allows for CTAs such as quick replies, clickable links, claim offers, with a single tap.

Customize messages with enterprise-specific branding.

Furthermore, send your customers a targeted message whenever they were ready to buy from you!

WhatsApp API
sales via WhatsApp API

Showcase Product Catalogs & Carts

Include product catalogues in your marketing campaigns and with an option to purchase online.

Upto 30 products along with images, price and details can be included in single message.

Convert your website traffic into sales via WhatsApp by enabling this feature and letting your customers chat with your support team directly from your website.

Impress new buyers with personalized recommendations and increase conversions.

Notify Relevant Updates

Increase engagement by sending valuable transactional messages to customers automatically.

Send alerts related to orders, shipments, returns, refunds, and other notifications proactively to certain groups of users.

Create personalized and automated workflows and handle a lot of customer conversations effectively.

Use WhatsApp chatbots to reduce agent load and automate help desk with feedback survey, appointment scheduling and FAQ’s.

WhatsApp chatbots
whatsapp api chatbot

Exceed Customer Expectations with Verified WhatsApp API

Engage in two-way real-time interactions with customers and increase customer retention.

WhatsApp API provides live chatting experience to your customers and solves the queries on the fly.

Don’t miss any leads with round-the-clock availability.

Improve Customer engagement

Use automated messages to engage with customers on a regular basis. This could include sending updates about new products or services, special offers, or reminders about upcoming events.

Use targeted campaigns to reach specific groups of customers with targeted messages. This could involve sending out coupons or discounts to loyalty program members or running a contest or promotion.

Use rich media messages to add a visual element to your messages. This could include sending images, videos, or even GIFs.

whatsapp api for business

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Why WhatsApp Business API?

Simplify customer communication

Communicate with your customers directly, in a simple and efficient way. The WhatsApp API provides all the necessary tools to create and manage your WhatsApp accounts, as well as to send and receive messages from your customers. 

The WhatsApp Business API is easy to use and can be integrated into any business workflow.

Automate customer support

First, integrate WhatsApp Business API to automatically send messages to customers, track message delivery, and get real-time notifications when customers reply.

Second, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to create a customer support chatbot. This can be used to answer frequently asked questions, help customers troubleshoot issues, and even make recommendations.

Third, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to track customer support interactions. This can help you identify areas where customers are having difficulty and make changes to your process to improve the customer experience.


Customers expect companies to communicate with them in real-time


Customers say they wish to use messaging to make purchases


Customers say they find long wait time the most difficult part of a service experience

Get WhatsApp in as easy as 3 steps


Register your profile while purchasing an API package


Your profile will be approved in 14 business days


Start sending messages once the profile is approved*

Get your business growing faster with the power of WhatsApp API

Reach any

Deliver messages and support in multiple languages with template support.

User safety and concerns

Provide full control to the user by allowing him to Opt-in after a particular event.


We provide faster onboarding and more secure transactions, giving your transactions a boost with seamless customer service support.

Track Real-Time Insights

Gain access to your campaign’s status and its return on investment which will help you to plan out your next campaign effectively.

Interactive Message Templates

WhatsApp Business currently offers two types of interactive message templates, with predefined ‘Call-to-action’ buttons and ‘Quick reply options’. It provides an opportunity to track responses and react accordingly.


Get a holistic measure of how a user feels when interacting with your business via analysing top user queries and drop-off rates. Get help to serve them better with relevant answers at the right time.


Shyam Narayan

Business Leader/ExcelR Solutions
We have been using Mtalkz provided Whatsapp Business API service for last 5 months and I should say the service and support is excellent. I strongly recommend Mtalkz to any business entity if they are planning to start using business whatsapp.

Neeraj Gutgutia

CEO/ Right 2 Vote
Mtalkz have helped us being relevant to our promise of enabling mobile voting. messaging delivery is almost instant with Secured Bulk SMS API and more than 200 countries are covered. Service set up happened in a flash with Bulk SMS Gateway, we had amazing support on integration.

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WhatsApp Business API – FAQ

WhatsApp Business API is a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, which is one of the most widely-used messaging platforms in the world. The API provides businesses with a set of tools and features that allow them to automate and streamline their customer communication, such as creating and sending automated messages, handling customer inquiries and support, and building custom workflows.

Integrating WhatsApp API in your website can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to purchase the plans by Mtalkz for WhatsApp Business API by visiting here.

  2. Once your application has been approved, you will be given access to the WhatsApp Business API, including the necessary documentation and resources to get started.

  3. Next, you will need to create a WhatsApp Business Account and link it to your website. This can be done by using one of the approved WhatsApp Business API providers, such as Mtalkz.

  4. Once your WhatsApp Business Account is linked to your website, you can then use the API to create and send automated messages, handle customer inquiries and support, and build custom workflows.

  5. To implement the API, you will need to work with a developer who can integrate the API into your website, they will use the WhatsApp Business API documentation and resources provided by WhatsApp to implement the API.

  6. After the integration, you will be able to send messages to customers, such as notifications, alerts, order confirmations, and customer service inquiries.

Please note that it’s important to ensure that your website is compliant with WhatsApp terms of service, security, and data protection measures.

Please contact Mtalkz for more detailed information or assistance with integrating WhatsApp API in your website.

WhatsApp Business Automation provides businesses with a set of tools and features that allow them to automate and streamline their customer communication Some of the reasons why you might need WhatsApp Business Automation include:

  1. Increased efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks and processes can save time and reduce the workload for your team, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

  2. Improved customer experience: Automated messages and workflows can provide customers with faster and more accurate responses, leading to a better overall customer experience.

  3. Enhanced scalability: Automation allows businesses to handle a larger volume of customer inquiries and support requests, which can be especially important as your business grows.

  4. Increased customer engagement: Automated messages and workflows can help increase customer engagement and retention, by providing them with relevant and timely information.

Yes, it is possible to integrate WhatsApp into your app. You can use the WhatsApp Business API to integrate WhatsApp messaging into your app, allowing your customers to communicate with you directly through the app. This integration can include features such as automated messages, customer support, and custom workflows.

If you need assistance with the integration, please contact Mtalkz for more information and support.

Yes, there is an API for WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business API. It is a platform that allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their systems and automate their customer communication. This API can be used for features like automated messages, customer support, and custom workflows. Contact Mtalkz for more information and support on using this API.

You can use just Simple steps Email ( or call (9868629924). Our versatile experts will solve your problem immediately and will help you coordinate with WhatsApp as it may be required.


WhatsApp Business is a free mobile app that businesses can use to manage their WhatsApp communication with customers. It provides businesses with basic features such as creating a business profile, messaging customers, and receiving message templates.

WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, is a paid platform that allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their systems and automate their customer communication. It provides businesses with advanced features such as automated messages, customer support, and custom workflows.

This is a new and emerging area, there are many leading organizations that are attempting to provide whatsapp enablement services but a few that have ability to design and implement the entire journey. Mtalkz scores high among competition for three things.

1. Ability of understand customers business and service requirements.

2. Create tailor made WhatsApp Business API based solutions and driving customer engagement through a combination of SMS, Voice, Social media and emails.

3. Offering irresistible value through economic pricing and comprehensive support.


WhatsApp has mandated certain organisations in each country to act as distribution points for increasing market reach. Mtalkz works with several such approved vendors.  However, its not necessary to take services directly from an approved vendor, only permissions for enablement need to be routed through an approved partner and this will be managed end to end by Mtalkz.


Yes, it is possible to do e-commerce on WhatsApp through the use of WhatsApp Business API. With this API, businesses can integrate WhatsApp messaging into their e-commerce platforms, and use it to communicate with customers and process orders.

To get started with WhatsApp Business API, you will need to have a WhatsApp Business Account and a WhatsApp Business API client, such as Mtalkz.

Mtalkz will also guide you through the process of obtaining and activating your WhatsApp Business API client, and provide you with the necessary documentation and support to start using WhatsApp Business API.

If you have any doubts, please visit for more information and support

Getting WhatsApp API is an easy process these days. Once you reach out to us our teams will guide you through an approval process that will be run through your Facebook Business Manager ID pageYou will need a number that has not been used on Whatsapp before Approximate set up time is about 7-14 days.Our teams will also help you and advise you on how to design your messages and templates so that approval is fasterAlso we will help you purchase a plan to support your messaging requirements.